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Blue Moon Legacy
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When we look at the choices we make every day, are they authentic? Do they honor who we REALLY are? And how do these choices impact others?

This is all part of “the ripple effect.” When we’re living from our life purpose, we’re able to make divinely-inspired choices that FEEL right, and that have the potential to touch lives in a meaningful, powerful way.

Life purpose is all about how you show up in the world – in a very authentic, intuitive, divinely-inspired way. Life purpose is a life thread – a personal energy, a set of values – that weaves its way through our life tapestry. It shows up in our parenting, in our professional work, in our community service, in our relationships, and in our choice of hobbies and personal activities. Each and every one of us has a divine right to show up in the world as our most authentic self.

By stepping into, and by fully embracing, the gifts of your life story, your divine purpose can be understood. This is where life purpose legacy is created.

Are you clear about what your legacy is and how it’s showing up NOW? And are you aware of the expansiveness of it?

Your legacy has the potential to show up everywhere in your life – and it has the potential to touch a lot of other lives. It truly is a ripple effect!

Too often, when people think of the word legacy, they think of what will happen AFTER they move on from this lifetime. They think of what they’ll leave behind – instead of thinking about what they can do NOW to create a LIVING LEGACY.

When we’re living with purpose and passion, we’re already creating our legacy. When we’re living with joy and love, our legacy is alive and well.

Are you living with joy and passion? Are you making choices that are inspired by love? Are you fully living your divine purpose?

Becoming a Blue Moon Being

We’ve all heard the saying, “once in a blue moon” – most commonly used to describe the rarity of an event or to refer to something that is considered “unusual” or “unique.”

Well – what if YOU created that “once in a blue moon” experience? What if YOU were the “once in a blue moon” voice? What if YOU had that “once in a blue moon” gift to share with the world?

What if YOU were the “blue moon?”

This is all part of creating YOUR legacy – your LIFE PURPOSE LEGACY.

Creating Your Blue Moon Legacy

Join me for a private two-day retreat, where we’ll explore your life purpose legacy on a much deeper level. We’ll tap into astrological wisdom that will shed light on your divine purpose and how you’re intended to take it out into the world.

We’ll weave in the power of your life story as we pull in the energies of full moon wisdom and design a Blue Moon Legacy plan that best represents your highest self and all the gifts that you’re intended to share.

This intensive experience will include accommodations, meals and all materials needed to guide you as you “Create Your Life Purpose Legacy” and celebrate all that is unique about you. You’ll receive a 90-minute telephone coaching session before your retreat to lay the foundation of our work together. You’ll also receive a 90-minute coaching session (via telephone) following the retreat, to support you on the implementation of your Blue Moon Legacy plan.

To schedule your highly-personalized Blue Moon Legacy retreat at the special price of $2497, click on the payment link below. I’ll be contacting you personally with our next steps.

Or you can take advantage of a three-payment option of $1000 per installment ($3,000 in total).


It’s time to step into YOUR Blue Moon legacy and begin creating YOUR ripple effect!


Your Retreat Coach:

Tina M. Games is the author of Journaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery (an interactive book with an accompanying deck of 54 journaling prompt cards). As a certified creativity and life purpose coach, and a gifted intuitive, she is the “Moonlight Muse” for women who want to tap into the “full moon within” and claim their authentic self, both personally and professionally. Through her signature coaching programs, based on the phases of the moon, Tina gently guides women from darkness to light as they create an authentic vision filled with purpose, passion and creative expression. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband and their two children.