Moonlight Cafe

Would you like to explore spiritual journal writing while learning
more about the energy of the moon phases?

Join our Moonlight Cafewhere you’ll be journaling by moonlight with other women who desire a more spiritual life filled with purpose and passion. Through an exploration of moon phases, we’ll create the sacred energy needed to set intentions that stem from an intuitive, heart-centered place.

Dance with your inner wisdom as you explore the various aspects of yourself, your life, and your relationships through journal writing techniques designed for personal growth, professional exploration, and creative expression. Journal writing offers many health benefits – including stress reduction, releasing emotions, and getting in touch with one’s authentic self.

Annual Membership Benefits:

By becoming a member of the Moonlight Cafe community, you’ll be treated to:

  • A beautiful, high-quality deck of 54 journaling prompt cards that will guide you through the phases of the moon.
  • Access to our online Moonlight Cafe forum (powered by NING) where you can engage in journaling conversations and expand your spiritual support network.
  • A facilitated discussion in the Gathering Area – centered around a particular energy related to the moon phases and spiritual journal writing. The topic will change each month and all archives will be accessible to Moonlight Cafe members.
  • A monthly e-lesson featuring a new journaling technique and several journaling prompts that tie into the topic of the month. The lessons will be posted in the Resource Center so you’ll have access to it anytime you need it.
  • A monthly interview with a top expert in the field of spiritual journal writing, who will speak about the topic of the month. Each interview will be recorded and an audio link will be posted in the Listening Corner.
  • A variety of special reports and resources that will support you in your exploration of spiritual journal writing. These will be posted in the Resource Center.


* Your annual investment for this spiritually-rich journal writing experience is $297.
You can register using the payment link below.

See you in the Moonlight Cafe!